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Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welder SIDMAC / KONIG is a fast-growing engineering and manufacturing company in Abbotsford, BC, seeking top-notch fabricators with the right skills, experience, and dedication. Our passion for excellence is undeniable and is apparent in the quality of the state-of-the-art equipment we have manufactured over the years. Full Job Description Credentials (certificates, [...] Read more
We provide scalable solutions up to 150BBL. Our production breweries are built to be efficient workhorses engineered to meet your demanding brewing schedules. • 3-5 Vessel brewhouse – designed for around the clock operation • 30-150 BBL brewhouse vessel size • Up to 100,000 BBLs of beer per annum • Contract breweries • Planned with [...] Read more

Usually smaller breweries with a public-facing experience. Brewpubs have a restaurant, while craft breweries typically have a tasting room. The majority of beer sales are made on-site. • 2-4 vessel brewhouse – generally one or two-shift operations • 2-20 BBL brewhouse vessel size • Restaurant, Tasting room, or Pilot Systems Backed by years of experience […]

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Whether you are a brewery looking to add a new revenue stream, or you are strictly in the business of distilling, KÖNIG wants to be your distilling equipment provider. While our main focus is on breweries, the KONIG team is experienced in the equipment and operation of distilleries. To keep in-line with our company mission [...] Read more

Used for the fermentation, maturation, and storage of beer. Cellar vessels are a key factor in the amount of beer a brewery can produce. • Unitanks/Fermentation vessels • Bright Beer Tanks • Storage vessels • Conditioning/Buffer tanks • Serving Tanks • Blending tanks Bright Tank Sizing and Specifications Fermenter Sizing and Specifications

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König offers a large variety of control solutions for your brewery. From manual push-button control through to custom programmed, platform-independent, software solutions. König designs all controls to fit each customer’s specific brewing needs.   Industry Leading Architecture Options Modular Brew House Distributed Instrumentation Brew House featuring Remote I/O Conventional Brew House Stand-Alone Brew House Modules […]

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Often there are procedural problems or issues that a brewer is looking to solve that his/her current brewery is not designed to handle. König offers a variety of brewing solutions. The following are examples: • Skid-Mounted Clean-In-Place systems (The KONIG CIP) • Yeast Propagation, Management and Dosing (The YPS 600) • Hop Dosing & Infusion [...] Read more

We custom engineer all brewhouses, vessels, process plumbing, and cellar vessels to the customers’ specifications. The following are some examples of custom engineering that goes into each project: • Problematic floor layout leading to ceiling, floor or door restrictions • Customized brewhouse platform • Seismic related design issues • Water and Energy conservation

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Parts and fittings that keep a brewery running smoothly. For North American breweries we build in TC fittings while European typically come in DIN and SMS. We can supply in any fitting type. The following are examples of what König keeps in stock: • Valves • Temperature probes • Manway gaskets • Various Stainless Adapters […]

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