König offers a large variety of control solutions for your brewery. From manual push-button control through to custom programmed, platform-independent, software solutions. König designs all controls to fit each customer’s specific brewing needs.


Industry Leading Architecture Options

  • Modular Brew House
  • Distributed Instrumentation Brew House featuring Remote I/O
  • Conventional Brew House
  • Stand-Alone Brew House Modules and Accessories

Control Platform Options 

Manual Craft Brew Solutions
  • Manual Brewer Control via Central Brew House Control Panel
  • Text Based Interface on 6” Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Optional Graphical based Interface via 10” – 22” HMI
  • Application Specific configuration for an Economical solution
  • Non-expandable
  • Features Industry-leading components for reliable service life
  • Optimized for Small to Mid Scale Conventional Brew House Architectures
Manual Pneumatic Craft Brew Solutions
  • Manual Brewer Control via Central Operators Control Station
  • Remotely Located Brew House Control Panel
  • Graphical Interface available in 10, 12, 15, 22” options
  • Pneumatic Valve operations for key process functions
  • 5 Step Ramp and Soak Control
  • Expandable System Configuration (options)
  • Semi-Automated Sequencing
  • Instrumentation
  • VPN Access / Remote Support via Newlands Asset Care
  • Optimized for Modular, or Conventional Brew House Architectures
Semi-Automated Process Control Systems
  • Enables Semi-Automatic Brewing with User Selected Process Advancement
  • Single Recipe Execution (expandable)
  • Optimized for Modular, Remote I/O or Conventional Brew House Architectures
  • Production Focused while maintaining the “Craft” in Craft Brewing
Fully Automated Process Control Systems
  • Enables Automatic Brewing or selectable Manual Control
  • Enhanced Instrumentation
  • Valve Position Feedback
  • Enhanced Process Sequencing
  • Self Monitoring w/ Operator Notifications
  • Multi-Recipe Execution via Process Queue *Requires Grain Handling control integration
  • Reduced Brewer Input requirements = Higher Productivity and Lower Operating Costs
  • Optimized for Modular or Remote I/O Brew House Architectures

Additional Solutions

  • Cellar Control Solutions
  • Client Server Solutions w/ Mobile Access Options
  • Custom Solutions and Integration